Amidst the excitement surrounding digital currency trading, navigational issues and complications can arise. SINEGY’s .alt+ magnifies your trading opportunities through its own integrated tools and trading strategies.


Arbitrage (Fiat-Crypto)

Simultaneous trades across globally reputable exchanges by virtue of integrated technology.

Did you know prices of digital currencies vary on different exchanges? Our technology grants fiat-crypto arbitrage automatically by detecting margins between exchanges including fees and commissions. Returns generated from arbitrage cycles are distributed on a monthly basis.


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Client funds used only for arbitrage trade (virtually no long term exposure to price volatility of digital currencies).

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Trading statements issued to all clients.

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SINEGY only trades digital currencies with large market volumes.

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External audits by accredited chartered accountants.

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SINEGY only trades through globally secured and established exchanges.


A trading cycle begins at the start of every month. Nett returns are paid out at the end of each trading cycle. Principal amount (package) to be refunded at the end of the subscription period.

If the principal amount is withdrawn before the maturity (subscription), monthly nett returns shall be forfeited.

Download historical performance chart and trading cycle statement PDF.



We are not regulated by the Securities Commission of Malaysia nor is this an offer to buy securities. Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies are not classified as securities by Bank Negara Malaysia. SINEGY does not guarantee a fixed return and past performance is not an indicator of future performance.